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What is Ranan Service?

Ranan Service #

Allows you to set specific ringing tones for your callers with SAR 5 each month.

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Purchase Tone Tone ID
Delete Tone DELETE tone ID
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  • You can preview and purchase tones, and manage all Ranan services directly from the Free Ranan App for iOS & Android.

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Ranan Athan #

Through the Athan Ranan service, your default tone will change automatically during prayer hours to an “Athan tone” to inform your callers that you cannot answer the phone at the current moment. Also, you will receive a daily SMS with prayer hours according to your location. Subscription price is 5 SAR monthly.

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Ranan Signature #

Through the service you will be able to show FLASH SMS to your callers’ phone screens while calling you during the ringing stage. You can set your own message to be displayed to anyone who calls you or you can choose a special message that will only pop up to the numbers of your choice. Subscription price is 5 SAR monthly.

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Ranan Profile Tones #

Ranan profile tone is a service that is exclusive for Ranan subscribers, where you can notify your callers with your status and updates by choosing different pre-recorded tones like; (busy, Travelling, driving, in a meeting …ETC) .

Command To 1404
Subscribe P
Unsubscribe Dpt
Assigning personal Profile Tone

S followed by profile tone letter

Profile tones letters: Meeting (m), Travelling (t), Work (w), Vacation (va), Praying (p), Driving (d), Family Time (f), Sleeping (s), Busy (b), Out (o).

* For more please download Ranan app

Ranan profile tone is 5 SAR per month, it provides the user to choose between 30 different personal tones and assigning them anytime they please for a full month.

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