1- How to purchase data bundles?

From Mobily App

  1. Open the app. If you don't have it, download it now.
  2. Log in with your My Mobily ID.
  3. From the menu, select Products then, Internet services.
  4. Choose your data bundle and tap on subscribe.

From Mobily Website:

  1. Go to My Mobily and log in to your account using your Mobily ID and password.
  2. At the top of the page, click My Services.
  3. Select Services Management and click on Messaging & Internet service.
  4. In Messaging & Internet service tap Internet service.
  5. Select a bundle from the drop-down menu.
  6. Click Subscribe

Data Recharge Vouchers:

Data vouchers are available throughout Mobily outlets and authorized dealers. For further details about our data bundle and pricing please click here.

2- How can I recharge my data SIM?

You can recharge your SIM using one of the following:

  • Online: You can refill your account through My Mobily or Mobily App.
  • Data Recharge Vouchers: send an SMS to 1100 include: V<Customer ID> <Voucher Number>

3- How Can I Deactivate these Packs & Plans?

To unsubscribe, send "unsub" to1100 or you can deactivate it through My Mobily & Mobily App.

4- How can I monitor my remaining balance?

You can keep track of your data usage using the below three options:

5- What kind of Mobile Data Offers does Mobily have for their customers?

For complete list of data packages, click here.

6- Are Connect 4G Devices available for purchase?

Yes, our Connect 4G Devices are available to purchase with a subscription plan or as a standalone. For more information about cost and devices, click here.

7- What is Neqaty?

Mobily Neqaty program designed for our valuable customers where you can gain points against your line usage. You can know more information about Neqaty by clicking here.

8- How to earn Neqaty points?

By making chargeable calls, sending SMS's, using data services, subscribing to and using value added services.

You can know more information about earning points by clicking here.

9- How to redeem Neqaty points?

  • You can redeem your points through Mobily App & My Mobily or by dialing *1100#
  • Through Neqaty partners: You may redeem your points and use them to pay for your purchases by simply presenting your mobile to the cashier upon paying for your purchases. Your points balance will be converted and the amount equivalent will be deducted from your total bill. You can check Neqaty partners from this page.

10- What is Ranan Service?

Ranan is a service that allows you to personalize the tone that is played to your callers by activating the service and purchasing songs.

To know more about Ranan please click here.

11- How do I deactivate Ranan service?

Send “D Ranan” to 1404, to know how to manage Ranan service click here

12- Why is my balance being deducted?

Top reason for deduction calls is automatically emergency credit, please call our customer service 1100 for support.

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