E-Life Router http192.168.1.1 web page Password Reset


I Did Changed the default E-Life router ( password and i forgot it and now i have no access to my router settings, how can i or you help in resetting it

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Hello Rayjo,

To change your elife device password please visit elife router settings.

Hello Rayjo,

Kindly follow these steps to be able to change your Wifi code of your elife router:

  1. Open the default web server by typing the following:
  2. Username is telecomadmin and password admintelecom.
  3. Select WiFi > WiF basic configuration
  4. From the Security Mode drop-down list, select WPA 2 Pre shared key.
  5. Add Password.
  6. Click on apply.
  7. To save the settings go to System tools > Configuration File > SAVE Configuration.

Hello Rayjo,

Kindly note that elife router setup page address is:

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