Mobily eLife Router Password

I'm not able to login to router settings using the following credentials found on the forum and KB (user/user, telecomadmin/admintelecom). None of those passwords are working.

Please be informed I haven't changed any settings since the line was installed.

During the installation, I told the installer that i will change the WIFI password, just provide the router access.. when he left, he gave (user/user), I tried the given router password but it was not able to login.

Please let me know how I can login to router settings to change my WIFI password.

Thank you.

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Hello Jhamz,

Kindly note that you have to connect thru cable to PC and open this address then you can log in to setup page then use the username and password you have.

User Name: telecomadmin Password: admintelecom

Yes I did.. My address is

That login did not work either.

Hello Jhamz,

Kindly note that the address you mentioned is not correct, the right address is

Please try again.

Hi Wajdi,

That was the IP address provided by the router since the beginning.

Is there other solution for this?

Hello Jhamz,

Kindly note that you may check the steps of managing your router password thru this link: Router Settings

And you cannot change the address of the router setup page.

Please let us know if you need our further assistance, and kindly rate the ticket if work on it has been completed.

Ramadan Mubarak

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