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You can purchase data allowance on your Prepaid, Postpaid or Data line by sending the respective commands over SMS to 1100.

Add-On Price Subscription Renew Now Stop Auto Renew Duration
150MB SAR 5 750 11750 00750 2 Weeks
500MB SAR 20 60906091 6092 1 Month
1GB SAR 30 61006101 6102 1 Month
2GB SAR 50 7200 7201 7202 1 Month
5GB SAR 75 73007301 7302 1 Month
10GB SAR 95 70507051 7052 1 Month
10GB SAR 165 6070 6071 6072

3 Months

20GB SAR 135 63006301 6302 1 Month
20GB SAR 220 82008201 8202 3 Months
50GB SAR 210 70907091 7092 2 Months
50GB SAR 260 80708071 8072 3 Months
100GB SAR 160 70807081 7082 1 Month
100GB SAR 320 80808081 8082 3 Months
300GB SAR 450 300N / A N / A 3 Months
600GB SAR 900 606N / A N / A 6 Months

To activate and manage services:

  • Bundles can be activated by sending the Subscription command mentioned in the table above via SMS to 1100.
  • Bundles can be activated through Mobily outlets or by calling Mobily Customer Care Center 1100.

General Remarks:

  • Sending the Subscription command will activate the chosen Data bundle and its validity will be based on the activation date, for both Postpaid and Prepaid customers.
  • If you consumed all your Data balance before the end of the validity period and would like to renew your subscription to the bundle you were subscribed to, send the corresponding SMS command to 1100.
  • Bundles can be renewed only when the Data balance of the bundle reaches 500MB or less.
  • Your bundle will be renewed automatically upon expiry (except for 300GB and 600GB Data Bundles).
  • Sending the Stop Auto-renewal command will prevent the Data bundle from being automatically renewed when it expires, while being able to continue using the remaining Data balance until consumed or expired.
  • You can subscribe to multiple bundles at the same time.
  • You can check your Data balance by sending a blank SMS to 1411 for postpaid lines or dialing *1411# for prepaid lines.

**Price does not include Value Added Tax (VAT):

  • For Prepaid Voice & Data Subscriptions: Bundles prices will be similar to the above table since VAT is already deducted from the balance upon recharge.
  • For Postpaid Voice subscriptions: An additional 5% will be added to your monthly bill.

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